It’s only after you stepped outside you’re comfort zone, that you begin to change, grow and transform.


We work with organizations with the explicit purpose to develop behavior.
This is not straightforward. It’s often very difficult…and yet we believe it’s possible. It is all about how you do it.

First of all developing yourself should be fun. Perceiving work as play is where the fun comes in. Yes off course work can be tough, with high stakes and fierce competition. This is often your day-to-day routine.

To make sure that developing yourself is fun, we have created “The Game”. The Game is a set of challenging working forms to simulate your real-life practice. Change is easier when put to the test as we speak. Walk your talk, put your intention into practice. Right here, right now! We perceive work as a playground; let the fun begin.

In our transformation programs we introduce three proven elements that combine work and creativity. We have for you:

  • Situation Room:  stretching your team with challenging real-life, real-time business cases making your team future-fit.
  • Yellow Rope: visualizing your primary process getting all teams involved with 200 meters of yellow rope.
  • Kickstarter: within 21 days a new manager will get all the tooling he/she needs to make a difference and create impact.